Xmas Curse and the heat is on

The Christmas Curse struck again on Christmas day as it has done for the past 3 years, either a blow out on the back 9 old system or electrical problem on the Front and this year it was the Front 9 Auto system that decided to play Scrooge.

With temps reaching 33 degrees C (91.4 F for our stateside readers) I thought I would take a leisurely drive to the course Xmas night to water some back 9 greens and check the front 9 system, I am undecided weather I am glad I did or not.
One of the Solenoid heads blew off in the Fairway, low pressure activated and no water going or set to go off as a result. Forced to make some running repairs,  a quick rewire and then reset the irrigation programs and the leisurely drive took a few more hours than anticipated on Xmas night. At least I worked off some of the Christmas stuffing to make room for the pudding and had a quick dip to boot. 

Must have been a sixth sense as I wasn't going in till Boxing Day morning, with the heat we are having and low humidity one missed irrigation cycle could have been disastrous so a huge sigh of relief.
Speaking of heat the next 7 days look to be very hot mid to high 30's, we will be taking preventative precautions with the greens so they may run slightly slower over the next week.

I pity the guys in Perth who are looking at least 38 degree days everyday over the next week, good luck guys, if the forecast are accurate it will be a record breaking 7 day period, do we add that to the 2012 "unusual events" list ?.

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