June update

Staff have just completed preps for the Capel Cup, the course is again in very good condition with the greens healthy and running true. The Pro-Am during the week was also successful with allot of positive feedback coming from them.
We have started sparingly using the new tee boxes, the retaining wall on the first tee is complete, the new path will be constructed when time permits Russell's staff to do so, excess spoil from path digging will be used to level the remainder of the inside wall towards the tee.
Over the next few weeks exploratory digging of the old retic lines on the back 9 will be undertaken to identify blocked or restricted water flow areas and remedial action taken. It was hoped the new retic for the back 9 would have been installed this year however with this not proceeding as originally planned, some pipping need replacing or air scouring depending on the severity of the pipe blockages to ensure irrigation of the back 9 next summer.
All players please note - Those using carts please observe the blue line on green approaches, carts should note be driven past these lines. Wear issues through winter is a major issue, the blue lines since implemention for winter 3 years ago have assisted in reducing wear on green approaches without the need for unsightly ropes or barriers so please take care driving carts in the wet and observe the blue lines for the benefit of the course and all players.

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