The last of the sprinklers for additional coverage of green surrounds on the front 9 were installed this week in time for the coming Irrigation season. The areas highlighted last season as requiring extra coverage will not have the problem of drying out as they did and will allow us to further improve the irrigation of greens with more precise amounts applied, rather than having to irrigate the greens for extra time just so the surrounds could get some more water.
All the installation was undertaken by course staff, including the Valve in Head sprinklers which required wiring into the system.  The same Toro DT series sprinklers were used with smaller nozzles as the rest of the front 9 with varying circle arcs from 180 to 270 degrees to cover surrounds. Using the same model sprinklers uniformly across the course means less parts need to be on hand. 
The installation required cutting into the green line pipe, fittings glued for the Sprinkler take offs, wiring in the decoders to the main wire path and then inputting the data into the Site Pro central Controller. All sprinklers were then tested for performance and passed with flying colours. 

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